Critical Analysis of Happiness by Steve Cutts

This work aims to critically analyze the videoclip entitled Happiness by Steve Cutts that can be found on YouTube. The short video of four minutes and sixteen seconds is a strong criticism to the contemporary world, where Cutts choses to represent humans by rats. The animation starts with lots of rats running in a white... Continuar Lendo →



I feel like the Sadness took control Of every single part of my strong body I get afraid of people seeing me trembling it’s happening an earthquake inside I can’t see if they are seeing Everywhere is better than here (here is everywhere to someone) “Please don’t look at me” – Hold on! It’s just... Continuar Lendo →

Brazilian Black Movements

Marchs, slams and workshops! How the activists are teaching us.   Brazil is going through a wide movement in order to empower the black community, specially those who live in the ghetto. A famous march called “Marcha do Empoderamento Crespo” (Afro Empowerment March) aroused a few years ago showing that black people with black features... Continuar Lendo →

About Multiculturalism And Multiperspective – Sense8

Explaining multiculturalism and multiperspective using the point of view of Douglas Kellner and linking the arguments using an example of this amazing TV series called Sense8 that blows our minds with a cauldron of cultures and customs.  Multiculturalism “[attemps] to provide something for everyone […] [with] a wide range of ideological positions” (Kellner, 2003, p.... Continuar Lendo →

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